Investing Finland

Aug 26, 2016

Investing Finland is a great idea if you are about to bring your products to the EU or EEA. Finland is an excellent place to start your venture as you can take advantage of the advanced business infrastructure. Finland is one of the least corrupted countries in the world. Combining this with very straightforward business culture and English speaking business environment, Finland can be a perfect location for your European HQ.

In Finland, you can also take advantage of the only Nordic country with the Euro currency. In addition to that, Finland is also offering one of the lowest corporate tax rates in Europe. Corporate tax rate is currently only 20%. This is the lowest in the EU after Britain decided to leave the European Union.

Investing Finland is also advisable, as Finnish products and services have reputation being reliable, making also your product offering more attractive as it is entering the other EU countries from Finland. In Finland, businesses benefit from a legislative environment which respects online privacy. At the same time, the transparency of Finnish legislation forms a secure foundation for investments.


Setting up a business in Finland

If You are coming outside of EU and about to start a business in Finland, it is absolute recommended to seek help of a professional. Establising a business business in Finland is quick and easy, but in order to make the process as smooth and cost efficient as possible, as in many business area as well, to know all the little tricks making company establishment fast and convenient. It is good to remember that at least one board member must have recidency within EU or EEA area. Company business ID is crucial when conducting business in Finland. Company business ID can be acquired the same day registration documents are submitted to the registration office. Opening an official and operative legal entity takes only couple of weeks.



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